About Us

To Our Most Valued Customer:

          Outside In-Mate Package Program is the new kid on the block, but not at all new to the needs of inmates. Our selection of products is based on the strongest demands and requests by our clients. Our inception last year was created by a personal awareness of what was lacking with food services within the correctional facilities and the package programs available to inmates.  Your continual frustration was largely because available vendors didn't meet your market demands and their services often substandard. Recognizing that, I knew the introduction of a new company would be immediately accepted by the prison population; satisfying your requests is my priority. Know and trust that as Outside In-Mate Package Program grows so will you, we will grow together! You have my assurance I will not only meet your demands, I will exceed them. I will deliver on time and add new products requested by you!

          Outside In-Mate Package Program is familiar and in compliance with the requirements of New York State's D.O.C. directive # 4911.  Our primary objective is to meet and exceed the expectations of the inmate population. "Exclusively," we are introducing our brand new break out item: "Bubba Q's Boneless Baby Back Ribs" as seen on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. These pure pork slab ribs have been deboned through a newly patented process, and meet all requirements for correctional facilities. They are precooked, hermetically sealed, boneless and only need to be refrigerated.

          Periodically, we will send an updated catalog with new items, some of which suggested by you, our most valued customer. So please feel free to add to the "new suggested items" section on your order form. Our ultimate goal is to provide the inmate population with quality, name brand products they have trusted for years.

          As we grow we look forward to ultimately providing you with all of your inmate package needs, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronics, etc.  Again, thank you for choosing Outside In-Mate Package Program, the alternative.


Best Regards

From The Desk of the President